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1,000+ Satisfied Customers

A 100 Year Legacy of Excellence in Floorcare Products

It’s tough to beat a century of manufacturing experience and expertise. 

Floor Care Service Provider Since 1924








Upright Vacuums

Designed for the Whole Family

The CentraLux is one of the top central vacuum systems on the market. It offers a whole-home solution to household pollution. Installed in either a basement or garage, the main power unit can be linked to inlets in any room or hallway.


Building the Best Vacuums of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Revolutionary Proactive Approach

Since 1924, Aerus (formerly Electrolux USA) has been at the forefront of vacuum technology. The Electrolux Model XXX  was inducted into the Smithsonian Museum as one of the 75 most influential inventions of the 20th century, and that legacy of excellence lives on in Aerus’ expanded floorcare division.


Versatility Matters

Whatever your floor cleaning needs, Aerus has a product that offers you the best-in-class solution. 100 years later, our canister vacuums, now sold under the Lux brand name, remain workhorses that will last years longer than the units you’ll find online or at big-box stores.

For those who need a more portable product that still provides a deep clean, our upright vacuum options are available in several different variants.

For homeowners looking to upgrade their central vac system, or those building a new home who want to ensure the ideal combination of convenience and cleaning power, we offer the CentraLux central vac system. And if you’re looking for a deeper clean by shampooing carpets or buffing out wood floors, the
Lux Floor Pro is the updated model of our shampooer that has been a hit in tens of thousands of homes over the last 50 years.


Aerus Products Powered by ActivePure

ActivePure ®  Technology goes beyond traditional air purification systems by 

eliminating stale odors and reducing dust and pathogens in the air and on the
surfaces of your home. ActivePure was developed in the USA by ActivePure Technologies, LLC, a leading technology company with 100 years of history and innovative products that have been recognized by the Smithsonian and are trusted by millions of families, hospitals,  schools, and businesses. ActivePure is the only air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation.
Using technology developed for use in space exploration, ActivePure has changed indoor air quality and surface standards and advanced the fight against pathogens in the air and on surfaces. We have pushed for policies that consider the well-being of families, students, customers, employees, and the environment first and foremost. Trusted by industry leaders, we have built partnerships that share our devotion to fighting pathogens and securing indoor environmental quality for all.

Peace of Mind

ActivePure believes that every individual has the right to clean air and surfaces, free of pathogens and contaminants. Every development we make as an organization is done to make those environments accessible to all.  ActivePure Technology is an effective surface and air countermeasure to viruses and bacteria, with its efficacy based in science and proven in dozens of independent university, laboratory, and field-setting studies.

Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

Delaware Local For 50 Years 

The #1 Expert Recommend Carpet Cleaner

The Lux Floor Pro features a balanced triple-brush system to effectively shampoo, wax or polish your floor surfaces. And our unique Circular Dry Foam Method of cleaning removes more soil with less water. When used with Turbo Shampoo, the Lux Floor Pro offers a quick-dry solution that helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, while leaving your carpets fresh and residue-free.

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