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The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Technology


The CentraLux Cental Vacuum System, and offers a convenient solution to household pollution. Installed in either a basement or garage, the main power unit can be linked to inlets in any room or hallway.

  • Washable filter traps 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, performing at levels equal to HEPA standards
  • CentraLux can be installed in either existing or new home construction
  • Powerful motor with twice the suction power of most portable vacuum cleaners
  • Noise is virtually eliminated with the main unit hidden in the basement or garage
  • Inlets can be installed in any room or hallway, covering up to 7,000 square feet
  • Our Deluxe kit comes with a complete assortment of accessories.


  • Electrical rating: 16 amps at 120 volts AC 60 HZ
  • Air Watts (motor): 600
  • Water Lift: 138” H2O
  • Tank Weight: 22 lbs
  • Tank Dimensions: 15” wide x 32.5” high
  • Power Nozzle Dimensions: 3.5” high x 14.75” wide
  • Cord Length: 105 inches
  • Tank Capacity: 11 US gallons


  • 5 year limited warranty 


Replacement Parts/Service Part # Frequency
CV Scalloped Dust Filter 48708 As Needed
CV Bags -7 pack (optional) 41830 As Needed
Power Nozzle Brush, Belt, Bulb Service 3-5 years
Overhaul Maintenance Service 7-10 years


Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

Delaware Local For 50 Years

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