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Odor, Air & Surface Treatment Services

If you are experiencing issues in your home our businesses such as Odors, Mold, Excessive Dust, Chemical Intrusion, or Sick Building syndrome, call the Healthy Home Experts at Aerus Delaware.  Our SmellBUSTERS Treatments offer fast, affordable, chemical free options for many of our indoor environmental concerns.

Step 1 

Test Your Air Quality to Evaluate Common Issues.

Step 2

A Heathy Home Expert Evaluates and Recommends a Plan of Action

Step 3

 Implement Your Custom SmellBusters Solution

Odors Invading Your Home?

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Indoor Environmental Treatments Offered

As experts in odor elimination, SmellBusters professionals are trained to identify the source of odors in your home and offer solutions that eliminate smells. Odor problems can indicate that a larger, underlying issue exists in your home such as bacteria growth and airborne allergens.

  • Deep Allergen Treatments

  • Mold and Humidity Control

  • Chemical/VOC removal

  • Infectious Agent Disinfection

  • Infant Nursery Treatment

  • ODOR Removal Services– Pet odors, Cooking odors, Moldy/Musty smell, Cigarette Smoke, Fire, Chemical Odors, Biological odors

  • Post Construction Clean Up

  • Post Remediation Environmental Recovery

  • Dry circular Foam Carpet Shampoo Treatment

  • Wedding & Event Disinfection Services

  • Commerial Air Quality Testing 

  • Residential Air Quality Test & Mold Inspection

Delaware Local For 50 Years

Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

Are you a Property Manager, Real Estate Agent, or House Flipper?

 It “Stinks” trying to sell or rent a “Smelly” home. Contact us about how our services can help you!

Real People, Real Results

Connor Adkins

Raleigh, NC

"My wife and I recently purchased a new house and we noticed immediately the smelly basement. We tried getting rid of the smell ourselves, but nothing worked. SmellBusters came to our house and did an air quality test and it turns out our smelly basement is also a moldy basement. They provided solutions to fix the problem and we were really pleased with the service."

Liz, Halifax

Nova Scotia

"I needed someone to come and test my backroom because it was a little musty smelling. SmellBusters came to my house and did the test and found that my backroom had really high levels of VOCs and humidity and that the air quality wasn’t what it should be. They were very professional and walked me through the steps I needed to take to get rid of the issue and even gave me credit towards a purifier to prevent it from coming back. I highly recommend them!

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