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Lite by Aerus

SKU 679

Lite by Aerus makes cleaning simple, fast, and more effective with AllerGuard Filtration HEPA-H12 media vacuum filter bags, removing harmful contaminants as small as 0.3 micron from the air.


Whole Home Cleaning with Lite by Aerus®

  • Only weighs 9 pounds and cleans like no other lightweight vacuum
  • Features rubber wheels and bumper to help protect furniture and baseboards
  • Headlight and a 35-foot quick release power cord
  • Self-sealing HEPA-H12 media filter bags to keep dust in the bag, where it belongs
  • Wood brush roll and squeegee for bare floor cleaning with a 2-speed motor


  • Electrical rating: 5.5 amp at 120 volts AC, 60 Hz
  • Motor: 2-speed 5.5 amp
  • Weight: 9 lb without cord
  • Bottom Plate: High-impact polycarbonate
  • On/Fff switch: On handle (aluminum with deluxe touch grip)
  • Cord Length: 35-foot cord with quick cord release
  • Filter Bag: self-sealing HEPA-H12 media


  • 5-year limited warranty for the Lite by Aerus® Upright.


Bag replacement is quick and easy with self-sealing HEPA-H12 media bags to keep dust in the bag, where it belongs.

Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

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