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Nitrate water testing •

Get a Free In-Home Test  And Discover Your Home's Nitrate Levels.

Recent testing in your area has revealed Nitrate chemical intrusion in both municipal and private well water supplies. Aerus Delaware, your Healthy Home Experts, are offering in-home laboratory grade Nitrate tests FREE for local residents.


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  • Nitrates are a toxic chemical that has entered public and private water supplies through animal manure, pesticides, fertilizers, wastewater, and leakage from septic tanks.

  • Legal limits were set by the EPA on municipal water to protect against immediate infant methemoglobinemia (Blue Baby Syndrome), but other serious health effects such as cancers, thyroid disease, birth defects, and digestive issues occur at much lower levels according to the National Library of Medicine.

  • Testing is completed inside your home at the kitchen sink. It is informative and takes around 45 minutes, depending on your questions. While on site, we also test for a wide range of water quality concerns and perform a complimentary appliance check if corrosive or damaging issues are found.

  • Our experts will share our findings. If any issues are found, recommendations can be provided upon request.

  • Aerus, originally known as Electrolux since 1924, has been an industry pioneer in cleaning technologies for over a century. Aerus Delaware, a locally owned and family operated franchise, has been serving the Delaware community for over 20 years. Aerus Delaware continues to raise the bar in environmental health, offering solutions for air and water concerns. What makes this company extraordinary is its continued innovation, groundbreaking technologies, and understanding of our residents' needs.


Is Your Tap Water Safe? 

EWG database shows a 'cocktail of chemicals' in
the drinking supply.

Amy Cherry •

...Nitrate is another contaminant of concern in Delaware's drinking water supply, identified in the database. "Nitrate is one of those contaminants that you might think of as only affecting agricultural areas, but actually, it can be an issue in urban areas as well," she said. "Nitrate affected about 800,000 Delaware residents out of 1 million total." Dr. Tasha Stoiber, senior scientist with EWG Environmental Working Group said. Nitrate is linked to cancer, reproductive health issues and countless other health issues.

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