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Ultraviolet Disinfectant

SKU 50191

The whole home ultraviolet disinfectant is designed to specifically kill 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, in untreated water.


The ultraviolet disinfector is installed at your water's point of entry to provide whole-home benefits. 

  • UV Lamp – The unique, small, compact design allows for a small footprint but delivers big performance. 
  • Power Supply - The robust power supply features a countdown timer and digital display for easy maintenance. 


  • Rated Service Flow: 13.0 gpm
  • Maximum Flow Rate During Regeneration: 5.5 gpm
  • Tank Size: 12” x 48”
  • Rated Capacity (grains @ lb. of salt)
    • 25,746 @ 4.95 lbs.
    • 36,972 @ 13.5 lbs.
    • 47,059 @ 22.5 lbs.


  • 10 Years: Polyglass Reinforced Pressure Vessel, the Cabinetry and the Regenerant Tank.
  • 7 Years: Ion Exchange Resin, Control Valve Body and internal valve parts.
  • 5 Years: Electronic Control and the Model 1265 Bypass.
  • 1 Year: All other components and parts not previously mentioned.


  • Replace bulb ever 12 months

Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

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