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Apollo 2000

SKU 675

One of the highest wattage avalible portable heaters for home use!


The Apollo 2000 is a portable space heater with style! Its sleek design uses all new materials for faster heating and greater efficiency, protecting against overheating or if the unit is tipped off balance. Apollo 2000 senses the temperature in its environment and adjusts itself accordingly, working faster or slower to achieve the desired temperature. A large digital touch control panel displays the temperature while providing various heating modes, timer options, and oscillating controls.

  • Coverage: Up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Portable, no installation required
  • Features touch screen control panel
  • Remote control
  • Precise temperature sensor  
  • Auto shut-off function 


  • Rated Wattage: 1800 watts 
  • Mechanical: PTC Heating Fan Motor  
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Dimensions: 22” H x 8” W x 6.5” D 
  • Oscillation: 50 degrees 


  • Limited 1-year warranty


No maintenance upkeep, or expendables to buy

Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

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