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1,000+ Satisfied Customers

The Beyond Guardian 2-in-1 Heater and Air Purifier

The Beyond by Aerus Guardian Heater combines ActivePure® Technology with a ceramic heater, offering both a space heater and indoor air and surface sanitizer all in one, making your home a warmer, healthier one!

Experience Superior Air and Surface Disinfection For Any Home. 

ActivePure® Technology

  • Portable, lightweight device 

  • No installation — plug-and-play solution 

  • Easy to use and low maintenance

  • Reduces smoke, allergens, odors, and VOC gases without the use of ozone 

  • Option to run ActivePure® Technology without heat for year-round protection

Peace of Mind, Delivered

The Beyond Guardian Heater combines ActivePure Technology with a Ceramic Core Heater, offering you the benefits of a portable heater while cleaning your indoor air and surfaces.

Feel Confident in choosing the Beyond Guardian Heater.



With NO hot-to-touch surfaces and auto shut off if tipped, this is the ideal choice for

use around kids and pets.



Energy Star Certified, Long-Life heater means less waste and reduced carbon footprint for heating. ActivePure: disinfects air and surfaces with NO chemicals and NO ozone and breaks down harmful contaminants that might be polluting your home.

Money $aving

Use as a low-cost option as a primary room heat source or to reduce the cost of traditional whole home heating. Long life appliance means you won't have to keep paying to replace it. Easy to maintain and low-cost replacement parts allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Reducing 99.9% of  Many Airborne Contaminants 

ActivePure breaks down the harmful chemical compounds in smoke from sources such as fireplaces, candles, and tobacco smoke. 


We all love our home to smell fresh and clean.  Odors come from chemical, fungal, or bacterial sources.  ActivePure eliminates these sources allowing you to experience an Odor Free home without the use of chemicals


Vollital Organic Compounds are gasses that emit from everyday items such as paints, new furniture, and dryer sheets. They linger in the air causing many adverse health effects. ActivePure breaks them down quickly and even wicks them out of the source to prevent further contamination.


ActivePure not only breaks down mold spores, but is also breaks down harmful mycotoxins, and prevents mold from being able to grow


Many of our daily household use items such as cleaners and fragrance bulbs are known to cause health risks such as asthma, breathing conditions, and cancer.  ActivePure breaks them down into harmless by product.


Bacteria cause illnesses and odor concerns. ActivePure safely disinfects the air and surfaces preventing the spread of illnesses and eliminating odors.  It is so strong, it even works against MRSA!


Know your air and surfaces are being continuously disinfected from illness causing viruses with out the use of harsh chemicals or hours of scrubbing.  ActivePure has been proven to eliminate airborn SARs-CoV-2 (virus that causes Covid) in the air in 1 minute. 



Powered By The World’s Most Advanced Air Cleaning Technology

Revolutionary Proactive Approach

Created in the USA in conjunction with NASA, ActivePure works by converting water and oxygen molecules in the air into 4 very powerful yet harmless oxidizers (the same way nature cleans our atmosphere). These oxidizers rid our indoor air and surfaces of harmful contaminants, chemicals, and odors- rebalancing the air to what we consider optimal breathing conditions.



Proven to reduce over 99.9% of BOTH Air and Surface bacteria, viruses, and mold while breaking down harmful chemicals and VOC's.  Equivalent to over 50 air changes per hour, ActivePure solves many of our challenging indoor air and surface concerns. ActivePure is trusted in Hospitals, Schools, Businesses, and Homes worldwide.

Earth and People Friendly

 Meant for use in occupied spaces, ActivePure is the only Chemical Free, Ozone Free, Proven solution to our indoor air and surface disinfection needs.  With no harmful by-products, waste, and low energy consumption, using ActivePure not only reduces exposure to traditional cleaning chemicals but can also reduce the carbon footprint of commercial buildings focused on improving indoor air quality. 

Are You Ready To Make Your Home A Healthy One? 

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